Theatre of the Absurd

by Diary Of My Misanthropy

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Liz V
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Liz V There is nothing to not like about the album. It's haunting, atmospheric, it's heavy and most of all, it's beautiful. I'm a sucker for dark instrumental albums, and this honestly checks all of the boxes for me. I highly recommend this release. Favorite track: Kindness is Weakness.
SYNTHSLASHER Instrumental mix of gothic metal and post-metal, this EP gave me chills right at the beginning. Beautiful lead guitars and heavy hitting parts create a unique blend of atmospheres. It sounds really good. Another example of amazing instru-metal. Favorite track: Freedom is Slavery.
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Emery Kind of reminds me of Odradek Room. Very expressive and emotional, with wonderful use of discordant tones. Very intentional and powerful message. Favorite track: Freedom is Slavery.
Nikita Tarassenko
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Nikita Tarassenko Very sensual and serious music - great work! Favorite track: Freedom is Slavery.
Matthew Phillips
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Matthew Phillips Not too much post rock/metal I can get into but this group rises above a lot of the other bands out there in the same genre. Dark, brooding, atmospheric rock/metal. Always that underlying sense of longing and loss. Love it! Favorite track: The Curtain is Closing (Epilogue).


I hope you will enjoy this EP and enter into topics that I have tried to convey through the music. The main inspiration for this album were the events which are taking place in the world in our time, as well as legendary dystopias, in particular '1984' by George Orwell.
The album is also available on iTunes and Google Play.
Physical copies and merch will be available in late August on.
Please spread this release and SHARE IT with your friends, it will help me to find new audience and get out of the deep underground :)

Check out music video 'Freedom is Slavery':


released August 6, 2015




Diary Of My Misanthropy Prague, Czech Republic

Diary of My Misanthropy – is an atmospheric instrumental music project, founded by Vladyslav Tsarenko in 2013 as a one man band, and developed into a full-fledged 3-piece band in 2015.

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